We’re genuinely passionate about creating a valuable platform and community for the millions of gamers who visit our expansive network of blogs and websites on a daily basis.

Our Opportunities for Writers

At EGN, we are constantly searching for the best and brightest content creators from within the Esports realm. Regardless if you specialize in League of Legends, current industry news, or the latest gaming stats, we have a place for your content on our network of 100+ blogs and websites. Simply put, you can make money talking about the stuff you love.

Our Focus

Utilizing the best content creators in the Esports world to create an invaluable library of content for distribution on a global scale that consistently attracts and maintains a highly monetizable audience.

Our Results

First class website traffic that directly reflects our dedication and investment in content creators on a global and multi-lingual platform. Our actionable website visitors translate into more sales and a higher ROI.

Our Opportunities for Advertisers

Because we only hire writers that are a part of the Esports community, we naturally attract extremely high-quality and lucrative traffic. Our audience of 1M+ daily readers has demonstrably higher conversion rates than other blogs with outsourced content.

what is Esports Global Network

A Vast Community of Contributors

We source thousands of top-notch creators through incentivized programs that reward quality-driven Esports content.

A Global Internet Presence

We consistently update and maintain over 100 of the most popular Esports & gaming blogs on the web.

A Powerful Advertising and Monetization Solution

We provide targeted advertisement solutions that tap into our unique and valuable audience.

Esports Global Network Content Distributed As Follows:

With 100+ independent blogs and websites, we methodically categorize our content based on specific Esports niches. Staying organized is necessary with a global operation, but our content distribution also aids advertisers in directly targeting a specific audience.

Click on an individual niche below to see that particular niche’s top blogs and websites.


We’re so much more than a collection of websites and blogs. We provide customized advertising solutions that are flexible enough to meet your precise needs. We’re also so much more than a company; we’re an online community. Just like our thousands of writers from across the world, we live and breathe Esports.

100+ Active Global & Multi-Lingual Esports Blogs

A Vast Community of Esports Contributors

A Tailored Advertising and Monetization Solution


Esports Global Network

our involvement

As a global company, we invest heavily in discovering the most superb, prolific, and engaging Esports content creators. Our network includes bloggers, writers, gamers, and fans from virtually every area of the world in virtually every niche of online gaming.

From purely Esports statistic reporters to hardcore League of Legends aficionados, we pull directly from the brightest minds in the industry to enhance our growing content library. We use this rich content library to consistently fuel over 100 active and well-trafficked blogs, all of which are optimized for advertisements.

We firmly believe our emphasis on creating quality content breads an unparalleled experience for the millions of visitors to our sites. Simply put, our sites are made for gamers, by gamers. This unique approach is tangible. Users can’t get enough of our blogs, and it’s not hard to see why.


One of the most important factors to our network’s success is our proprietary access to professional Esports contributors.

  • Content Generation

    One of the most important factors to our network’s success is our proprietary access to professional Esports contributors. Sourcing content from individuals who are actually part of the Esports industry translates into better content. Exceptional content = exceptional traffic.

  • Advertising Solutions

    We offer qualified advertisers direct access to our network. Because EGN’s internet presence is so large, we make the process easier by providing custom advertising solutions to fully tap into the precise audience that you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to target individuals who are looking to purchase a new console or a specific game, we do it all.


  • 100+ Esports Websites
  • 2930 Contributors
  • 1M+ Active Readers


Interested in joining our team? Have an Esports blog/website? If so, we encourage you to join forces with one of the most innovative and influential Esports communities on the planet. Our vision separates us from the rest of the field.

We recognize the value of real Esports contributors who can write about the topics they love. At EGN, we want your talent and passion for online gaming to feel appreciated! When you join our network, we’re sure you’ll find our payouts are quite generous.

Get in touch with us below and talk to one of our representatives about joining our network. We are always looking for new Esports writers, website/blog owners, and exciting advertisement opportunities.

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